Monday, February 21, 2011


Cover art by Pier Rodelon

"One of the most thrilling things about reading Kim Chinquee’s beautifully tiny stories is the great leaps that she takes between sentences—making the reader leap with her into a world of brief glimpses and bits of dialogue that are full of narrative implications, a world of perfectly chosen details that render the understated emotion of a character’s whole life."--Michael Kimball

"Kim Chinquee has the dead-eye aim and the precision with language that makes her stories hit the mark again and again. They explore the jangling nervous system beneath the ordinary surface of the world, and all the irony, shock, sadness, and hope contained therein. Pitch-perfect writing broadcast on a very real, and wonderful frequency."--Jean Thompson

"While the bricks with which Chinquee constructs her fictions--failed or failing relationships, childhood friendships, the intricacies of family life--are not uncommon, the architecture she creates with them is rare indeed: stories now full of light, now somber, now opening the reader's eyes to an utterly new space."--Cooper Renner

"A wonderful debut collection. Chinquee writes with such precision it stuns how much she gets into a small space. Oh Baby will break your heart in one hundred ways, justlike the 800 page gorilla you didn’t read last week." Frederick Barthelme

Available at Ravenna Press.